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Earn indefinitely as you invite new Artists, sponsor Artworks in exhibitions and

conduct daily curations


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Curate, promote and earn 10% of the works sold through your gallery

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Sponsor Artworks you see fit in upcoming exhibitions and earn up to 10% of the Artworks as they get purchased

Invite new Artists

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Invite new Artists and earn 10% of the Artworks sold by the Artists for 6 months. Keep on extending the period indefinitely

*10% calculated on Artworks listing price **10% calculated on Artworks retailing price

Complete daily curations, gain points, earn more

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Grow your gallery

Use points to add additional Artwork slots to your gallery and grow your collections

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Discount Artworks by 10%

Select works on your gallery and use points to discount them DIRECTLY by 10%,

facilitating their sale

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Provide vouchers to your network

Acquire vouchers and grant 5% discount off ANY piece purchased on BLISSART.COM while securing your gallery fee on them


Artworks offered on BLISSART are only available on BLISSART. Promote your favourite pieces with full peace of mind.

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Receive funds on your PayPal account or collect your payments in cash through our many Remittance agents locations. Payouts made easy!

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Manage your gallery, support the Artists you've invited, conduct daily curations, sponsor Artworks, and track your orders-all from one place.

Many ways to earn

Get your 10% gallery fee when someone from your network purchases an Artwork from your gallery or even from BLISSART.COM using one of your vouchers!