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Art enthusiasts across continents promote & sell your pieces through their galleries

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Artwork listing price

Your listing price is the amount you earn from the sale of your Artwork.

It is equivalent to 54% of the retail price paid by the Buyer.

Additional Earnings

Art enthusiasts who help to sell your Artworks are given a commission for their efforts. If you promote and sell your own Artworks, you can earn up to 24%.

Invitation fee & BLISSART commission

BLISSART is funded by a 16% commission on sales. The Art enthusiast who invited you is entitled to 10% of the Artworks listing price sold for 6 months and can keep on extending the benefiting period indefinitely when helping you sell.

Unlimited earnings await as you successfully invite and promote other Artists

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We manage shipping for you

You can now ship your creations internationally. Since we pre-pay the Courier, all you have to do is print and stick the airway bill.

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for the wold to see

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Art enthusiasts across continents promote and sell your Artworks as

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Size drives price

Artworks are categorized in 5 area slabs. The bigger your Artwork, the higher area slab it belongs to, the more you can charge for it

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Evolving pricing structure

You can charge more for an Artwork as you increase your sales level. Level up as your Artworks are sold and as you help other Artists sell their creations through your gallery

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Build your gallery

Curate, promote and earn money by selling your works, as well as the ones of

your favourite Artists


PayPal payouts

With multiple payment options and Buyer protection, millions of people use PayPal for its simplicity and security.

Powerful dashboard

Seamlessly manage your atelier, monitor the number of galleries your Artworks are exhibited in and support the Artists you have invited.

Cash payouts

You don’t have a Bank account or simply wish to receive payments in cash? We have got it covered through our many Remittance agents.